About Us

Shopbyatlantic is a wholesale Dropshipper

Providing Easiness to Business clients

Shop by Atlantic founded over 15 years ago, is a service provider specializing in retails. We take a holistic approach to any assignment about drop-shipping, inventory management, shipping, and product packing without any label. Shop by Atlantic is one of the fastest-growing online stores. Shop by Atlantic provides services from warehouses in Wisconsin, Florida, and Minnesota. Shop by Atlantic is managed from the USA by  Atlantic Distribution and from Asia by Skynetjoe LLC. Our vision is to make our customers happier and satisfied and we work around the clock to fulfill that vision.

We’re dedicated to delivering superior sourcing, prep, and shipping for your Amazon business. There’s a reason so many Amazon Sellers rely on SHOP BY ATLANTIC for better Amazon freight forwarding and unparalleled customer service.

Who we are

Paul Valery Wakue Moumbe

Founder & CEO

Mehmet Demir

Import/Export Manager

M Waseem Nasir

Sales Manager

M Naeem Saleem

Logistic & Sales & Promotions Manager

Mike Dulcio

Southeast Distributor

Company Value

Our company value is the spirit to keep us thriving through all the competition. The following characters form the foundation of our company value.


Customer is always our foremost concern. During the years of serving dropshippers, we noticed how important the costs and efficiency have always been to drop shippers. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to make dropshipping business more profitable and efficient with our full efforts.

Faithful and Honest

Dropshipping business is getting more transparent, the key for suppliers to survive is to be faithful and honest to customers, dedicating all efforts to address customers' needs. Being faithful and honest is also a personal principle of all ShopbyAtlantic members.


Only with the passion in our work, can we fight to our utmost to serve our customers well. In return, we obtain win-win results in cooperation with customers.

What can we do for you ?

Reliable and responsible after-sales service

We offer reliable and responsible after-sales service in cases like damaged products, wrong products, lost packages, etc. As long as the issue is confirmed caused by us, we’ll reship for free or refund as per your request.

Free warehousing service

It’s absolutely free for you to keep your inventory in our warehouse as long as you’re using our service.

Powerful & 100% free fulfillment APP

We’ve been investing a lot on SourcinBox app to improve the work efficiency and user experience. It’s completely free to use our app. It’s becoming one of the most powerful dropshipping apps.