Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a retailer ?

No, we are actually wholesale dropshippers entertaining the online retailers to fulfil the dropshipping orders through us.

Are you allowed to sell your products on Amazon?

Yes, surely ,we are providing services to Amazon sellers and in fact we are very strict to allow the drop shipping policies of Amazon marketplace.

How do you work ?

We actually have a diverse collection of products ,which we buy and keep in our warehouse. Customer places the order over our online store and the product is sent accordingly .

Can we place an order directly after going to your store?

No ,you will have to fill the contact form and will get the Login details through which you will be able to place the orders.

Is there any separate membership or portal for Business customers?

Yes ,we offer a membership for business customers which will offer better pricing along with other benefits .

What items are available for free shipping?

As we are providing dropshipping services ,So you need not to pay us the shipping charges.

Our every item is free shipping eligible.

Is there a limit to how many times I can place the order?

No not at all, because we are providing services to Business clients and you can place as many orders as you want.

How long do you take to ship an order?

If an order is placed before 3pm CDT ,it will be shipped within the same day and orders placed after that time will get a tracking number the very next day.

Do you work with all shipping carriers?

No , we currently ship all the orders through FedEx .

What is the lead time?

We use FedEx Ground and it makes sure to deliver it before 3 business days .So yes most of our items can reach the customers before said time.

Can you meet the needs of Amazon sellers ?

Yes why not ,we in fact have established this to provide services to Ecommerce sellers.

Is there any amount limit for placing the order?

No ,not at all . You can place orders for any item, any quantity.

How can we get Business Membership ?

You just have to fill up the contact form and we will assign a sales rep which will handle all the Business matters of yours.