How it Works

How it Works


ShopbyAtlantic has succeeded in creating and fostering an innovative, easy-to-use website to meet the purchasing needs of Online Sellers of Amazon ,Walmart,Ebay etc. Developers, programmers, content writers, technical support staff, purchasers, and warehouse employees work together to ensure we provide the best in price, service, and industry knowledge to our customers.

What should you be expecting when setting out to browse our website?

Basically, anything and everything relating to Ecommerce Platforms. We offer a diverse variety of products which are already present in our Warehouse and ready-to-ship. offers a separate membership for Business customers which provides a facility to Online sellers of other marketplace to directly dropship the products which are already selling compatible and have good sales over online marketplaces. You need no Hunting, Sourcing, Logistics, Prep ,Pack n Ship because this all would be included in a $200/month membership.

As soon as you grab the membership ,you get a separate portal over which you will get a better pricing as well as your purchasing dashboard along with the stats of placed orders. You just have to place the order like placed over other retailers.Our dashboard and order placing method is quite simple and nobody will find any hurdle operating our storefront.

We allow Shopify, WooCommerce, and marketplace merchants to import products to their online store and we ship their orders directly to their customers from our facilities located in Minnesota ,Wisconsin and Florida.

Our mission is to build a marketplace that empowers merchants with access to the best natural & organic products and enables them to discover emerging brands they can use in growing their online store.Our products are American-made to ensure that they adhere to the highest quality and safety standards. We also pride ourselves on carrying complex packaged goods and fragile glass products 

We help connect emerging brands with online resellers. By partnering with brands we truly believe in, we make sure our merchants get access to the highest quality products to meet their customers’ needs. This creates a win-win situation by achieving both brands and resellers’ objectives.

Most of our retailers pay the cost of their annual membership within 60 transactions. In some cases, this can happen on the first day! As a ShopbyAtlantic member and business owner, you don’t need to worry about storing or shipping inventory, giving you more time to focus on your marketing efforts and promote your store.